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Step by step guide for a typical tandem skydive in Croatia

Tandem Skydive in Croatia and how does it look?

On this webpage we will explain how the day of your tandem skydive with Skydive Croatia Team will look as well as all the necessary steps and procedures during skydiving activities.

Assuming that you have already successfully booked your tandem skydive or purchased a valid gift voucher, the following steps will follow. In the event that you did not yet book your tandem skydive, you can follow the link "Book your tandem skydive" or you can purchase a gift voucher via the following link "Tandem skydiving gift Voucher".

Step 1. A day or two before the Skydive date

After successfully booking a Tandem skydive or date reservation, we will save your booking details into our database and contact you one to two days before the Skydive date to confirm your arrival and, if necessary, the final details about the location of the skydive, the location of pickup if needed, and the time of arrival on the jump site, as well as any changes with regard to weather conditions or other factors that may be important.

Step 2. Skydiving Day – Arrival at the skydiving jump site

Depending on the Skydiving location, you have two arrival options. You can arrive at the jump site by your personal means of transportation or use our pickup service. In case of your own arrangement, please check with us that you have the correct location of the Skydiving Dropzone. Please be accurate with the agreed time of arrival at the jump location or the location of the pickup.

Step 3. At the jump site (Dropzone)

If you drive to the Dropzone by yourself it is important to locate a representative of the Skydive Croatia team upon arrival. There are other Skydiving organizations who also use/frequent the same Dropzone, so please remember the name and contact number of your Instructor/representative with whom you booked your Tandem Skydive. Please have in mind that your Instructor may already be in the air with another tandem passenger who has a booking on the same day as you, so please be patient if they are unable to answer your first phone call. Usually they will be back in approx. 20 minutes after takeoff.

Step 4. Introducing to skydiving instructors and filling the paperwork

After a brief introduction with the Skydive Croatia instructors, our representatives will guide you through the short process of filling out the necessary paperwork and waivers. Please bring valid ID cards or passport, etc. After completing the documents, you will receive a short briefing where our instructors will explain to you all the procedures that are important to make your skydive more enjoyable for you, and also to make their job a little bit easier.  PLEASE NOTE: in skydiving, many factors can affect delays so please be patient and have understanding if you need to wait a little bit longer.

Step 5. Preparation and gearing up

About 20 minutes before boarding the airplane, your instructor will help you to prepare for the jump. Choosing the size of skydiving suits if needed, finding appropriate skydive goggles, and finally putting on and adjusting the tandem system that will securely connect you to the instructor and tandem parachute. When everything is ready and checked twice, you will head to the aircraft from which you will soon be jumping.

Step 6. Boarding the Aircraft

If you chose and paid for one of our video services, now is the time to think of a cool opening line, because this is the part where your Tandem skydive video will start. It is very important that during the aircraft boarding you stay close to your instructor and follow his instructions, as running aircraft may be dangerous if safety procedures are not followed. "We wouldn't want you to get into an airplane spinning prop!" Your instructor will show your spot and the order in which passengers will jump out of the aircraft.

Step 7. Take-off and Flight to Jump altitude

After all skydivers enter the aircraft, the plane will take off. It is important to listen and follow your Tandem Instructor’s directions during the aircraft climb to the required altitude. During the flight to the jump altitude your instructor will repeat and remind you of the instructions given on the ground briefing. The flight to the jump altitude usually takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the skydive jump altitude, and the type of aircraft that will fly us to the required altitude. The aircraft ride is the nice way of panoramic sight-seeing prior your memorable skydiving experience.

Step 8. Opening the aircraft door and preparing for exit.

Once the aircraft has reached the jump altitude, the pilot will signal to the instructors to open the aircraft door. It is important to remember and follow the directions given on the ground as the noise of the aircraft engine may prevent you from verbally communicating with the Instructor at that point. Together with your Instructor you will be preparing your bodies in the final position to exit the aircraft.

Step 9. The thing you were waiting for so long  -  Freefall

3, 2, 1, JUMP!!! You're leaving the aircraft! It's the moment you've been waiting for so long. Following the freefall instructions that you received and practiced at the ground briefing, enjoy these moments of freefall, which will last between 30 and 60 seconds before the parachute opens, depending on the skydive altitude. Remember to smile because your instructor is filming and we believe you will want to have a nice memory.

Step 10. Parachute opening and flying to the ground

When the freefall comes to end, the Instructor will initiate the process of parachute opening. The feeling is comparable to a car suddenly braking. The noise of the wind will die down and now you can again talk to the Instructor. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for the Tandem pair to land on the ground, depending on the kind of canopy ride your Instructor will give you. If you want a fast and more exciting ride, the flight will take less time but, on the other hand, a relaxing and slow flight will take longer. It is your choice to tell the instructor what you want. If you've ever taken a paraglide flight, a parachute flight is almost identical.

Step 11. Parachute landing

When the canopy flight is coming to end, just few seconds before you touch the ground your Instructor will direct you to lift your legs with loud “Legs Up” command. As you will be explained during the briefing, it is necessary to raise your feet so that your Instructor can land your tandem pair safely and without problems. You are back on earth but with one big difference - you have just become a Skydiver!!! Congratulations, it's a big achievement and an honor.

Step 12. Stay in touch with us

A couple of days after your skydive, we will send a download link to your email from which you will be able to download your video and photos. If you liked the experience we will be really grateful for you to leave us a review on one of the following services: follow us on our social media profiles, as well as our website, because we are always trying to surprise our jumpers and followers with interesting and exciting future promotions.

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