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Give them something they will never forget

Tandem Skydive Gift Voucher

Forget about everyday and unoriginal gifts. If you want to make a real impression and stay unforgettable in the eyes of your loved ones, then skydiving is the thing for you.

Tandem skydive is certainly an unforgettable experience that will leave everyone breathless. Skydive experience will be remembered for the rest of their lives, and also the person who made this crazy adventure possible. Do you want to be that person?

Skydive Croatia offers gift vouchers for tandem skydiving that you can get quickly and easily by following the steps on this page.

Step 1. Fill out the Tandem skydive gift certificate order form

To be able to generate the gift voucher with valid data, please fill out the form below and pay attention to the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk. Please enter the e-mail address of the actual voucher user in the "voucher user's e-mail" field - not your own. To avoid spoiling the element of surprise we never contact voucher users by email before they contact Us.

Step 2. Skydive voucher payment

After submitting the form, you will be redirected to the voucher payment information. In order to issue you a gift voucher, it is necessary to pay the sum of the items that you want to include in the value of the gift voucher. The popular package includes Skydiving + Video (Handicam) + Photos, but it's your choice what you want to include in it.

You can check the prices of all items that can be included in the gift voucher in our skydiving price list. Select the option you want to include in the gift voucher in the drop-down menu of the tandem jump gift voucher order form located further down the page.

Skydiving gift voucher order form

I have read and accept GDPR and terms of use

Fields marked with * are mandatory

Important notice
  • After receiving payment and information from the form, the gift voucher will be sent to your email address. If you require an urgent gift voucher, please send us payment confirmation.

    The holder of the voucher can arrange an appointment for the Tandem jump within the voucher's validity period after receiving the gift voucher.

    To prevent the risk of spoiling the surprise, Skydive Croatia will not contact the person who received the voucher. Therefore, we ask the voucher holder to contact us to schedule an appointment or for the purchaser to reach out at an appropriate time to contact the holder of the voucher.

    Issued gift vouchers are valid for one year from the issue date, but they can be extended by paying the extension fee within the validity period of the voucher.

    Persons who weigh 100 kg or more on the day of the jump will be charged an additional fee according to the price list.

    Within the validity period of the gift voucher, the voucher holder has the right to transfer it to another person.

    We do not offer refunds for purchased gift vouchers.

    If you cancel your jump appointment within 3 days of the scheduled jump, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50.00 EUR.

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Our website allows you to make your tandem booking fast and simple by filing out the online form on following link: tandem skydive booking but also to purchase gift vouchers online in two easy steps: Tandem skydive gift voucher.

We accept several ways of online payments. Beside bank transfer payment, we also accept payments through the following services: Revolut, Monese, TransferWise and Curve. Please choose and check all options on the Payment details page.

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