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Skydiving as a way of life

Skydiving in Croatia for skydivers, athletes and funjumpers

The mission of Skydive Croatia is the development of skydiving sports, but also enabling everyone who sees skydiving as an escape from everyday routine and a way of life to engage in this adrenaline sport recreationally.

Information and documentation required for skydiving at Skydive Croatia

Safety is our top priority at Skydive Croatia. To avoid disappointment upon arrival, please read the safety rules further down this page. Upon arrival, you will receive documentation to fill in and our staff will do the equipment check - this is our internal inspection to increase safety for everyone at the DZ. As with the nature of skydiving activities, you are using your or our equipment at your own risk. After documentation and equipment check, all skydivers will go through DZ Briefing if they are not familiar with our jumping location.

Required Documentation
  • Valid skydiving license
  • Medical certificate if it is according to the rules of the country you come from
  • Jump logbook
  • Parachute documentation
  • Proof of technical inspection and date reserve parachute repack

Safety rules in Skydive Croatia

Mandatory equipment
  • AAD
  • Visual altimeter
  • Sound altimeter for FreeFly and Tracking jumps for skydivers under 100 jumps
Jumps without suits

Minimum of 50 jumps in the jump book.

Full Face helmet

Minimum of 50 jumps in the jump book.

Skydiving with cameras

A minimum of 100 jumps in the jump book and a minimum B skydiving license.

Jumping order in general:
  • Big Belly groups
  • Small Bally groups
  • Bally solo
  • Big Freefly
  • Small Freefly groups
  • Freefly solo
  • AFF
  • Tandem
  • Wingsuit/Track
  • High pull
Canopy flying
  • Always stick to the specific landing pattern.
  • Low turns are dangerous and prohibited
  • Spiral turning is not allowed
  • After opening the parachute, turn 90° from the jumprun until you see the parachutes opening after you.
Reserve packing cycle

In Croatia, according to the regulation, 12 months. For foreign citizens according to their rules

Skydiving ticket prices

Service Price/€:

Jump from 1000 meters


Jump from 1500 meters


Jump from 2000 meters


Jump from 2500 meters


Jump from 3000 meters


Jump from 3500 meters


Jump from 4000 meters

Price during the Boogie event. Airplane Pilatus PC-6 or similar.


Tandem ticket for Tandem instructors

Skydive Croatia is not obligated to fill other available slots in the aircraft.


Gear rental

Gear rental includes a complete rig, helmet, goggles, and altimeter.


Gear rental - Club members

Gear rental includes a complete rig, helmet, goggles, and altimeter.


Main parachute packjob

Parachute pack job per jump.


Main parachute packjob - Club members

Parachute pack job per jump.


Reserve repack

Reserve Parachute repack and gear inspection.


Tandem reserve repack

Reserve Parachute repack and gear inspection.


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