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Skydiving locations in Croatia

Skydive Croatia offers tandem skydiving at variety of locations in Croatia and Slovenia, up to 4000 meters. Pick your location among offered and book your tandem skydive today

Skydive in Zagreb

If you always wanted to fly and experience mindblowing adventure soaring through the blue sky over Zagreb this will be the perfect location for your first jump.

Skydive Croatia offers tandem skydives in Zagreb from airfield Lučko.

Tandem skydives are made from 3000 meters.

The prices can be checked in our skydiving services pricelist.

Airfield Lučko is positioned on the South-west part of Zagreb.
Airfield address: Ježdovečka ulica 17, 10250 Ježdovec.

Use the attached map to check the exact position.

If You are planning to arrive using public transportation, use regular ZET bus line no.168 Savski most – Ježdovec – Prečko.

Skydive in Varaždin

Varaždin proves that Croatia can also offer 4000 meter tandem skydive. Although 4000 meter skydives from Varaždin are not available every week, Skydive Croatia assures a minimum of five to six weekends per year in which You can book Your 4000 meter skydive.

We are offering one weekend each month from May to September. For exact dates feel free to contact us or follow our news section where all the relevant info will be published.

Make Your 4000 meter skydive in Varaždin reservation in advance since the number of available slots per weekend is limited. Use this link to book now.

Airfield address: Podravska ul. 60, 42000, Varaždin, Croatia

Use the attached map to check the exact location.

Skydive in Ljubljana

For all the future skydivers who wish to jump near Ljubljana, Skydive Croatia can also offer a transportation from Zagreb. The need for transportation must be announced while making a reservation.

For candidates who wish to arrive in own arrangement the exact location can be checked on the map below.

Airfield address: Šentvid pri Stični 11, 1296 Šentvid pri Stični, Slovenia

EU citizens can use valid ID card for border crossing.

Additional info

In our news section You can keep up with all the events in our organization, benefits for our followers and members and all other news and happenings regarding Croatian skydiving.

The prices can be checked in Skydiving services pricelist.

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