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Enter the program without investment and obligations

Skydive Croatia promoter or sales agent

An opportunity to partner and make profit with Skydive Croatia. In addition to our Affiliate Program, Skydive Croatia offers another form of cooperation and partnership that will produce additional revenue for you through the promotion and representation of the Skydive Croatia Team - Skydive Croatia Promoter or Sales Agent.

Skydive Croatia

Entering the promoter or sales agent program, Skydive Croatia can create a personalized website for you within the original domain (subdomain). You can see example here:

Your website may also use text that you create for yourself and photos from your jump, if you have already skydived before, but you can also use our photos or the text we designed.

The benefits of the promoter or sales agent program are countless and some of them are:

  • Entering the Sales Agent program is without investment and no contract obligation.
  • You can choose where, to whom and how you will promote or sell your/our Tandem Skydive services.
  • You choose the advertising channels for your website and your unique link. It can be your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any social network, it’s up to your marketing skills.
  • You can run paid advertising campaigns on services like Google and Facebook paid ads. Google ads allow you to be the number one Google organic search for Tandem skydiving and search queries. If you already have experience, this promotion method will be really easy for you.
  • Clients contact you personally via email or the contact form which we will design for you. (Optional)
  • You can tell all your friends and acquaintances to sign up for Tandem Skydive through your site to earn the commission.
  • If you have knowledge of SEO you can determine the parameters of your website by yourself.
  • You represent a team of highly experienced instructors who guarantee safety, quality and a lot of fun.

These are just a small part of the benefits, other marketing opportunities and ideas are up to you to discover.

As with the Affiliate program, you earn a commission of 10% on the price of a tandem jump for each sale you make. (Example: if the current price of the Tandem skydive is 240,00 € your commission is 24,00 €). Video options are not included in the commission.

The cost of creating a website and maintaining the site annually is the value of one commission that will be deducted from the first successful sale. This way, we allow you to enter the Promoters program without investing or startup capital.

If you have any questions about the Skydive Croatia Sales Agent program, please send us an e-mail and we will answer you as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to a partnership with you.

Skydive Croatia Sales Agent application form

Connect with us

We are inviting you to support us on social media and stay in touch for new promotional offers and opportunities.

Our website allows you to make your tandem booking fast and simple by filing out the online form on following link: tandem skydive booking but also to purchase gift vouchers online in two easy steps: Tandem skydive gift voucher.

We accept several ways of online payments. Beside bank transfer payment, we also accept payments through the following services: Revolut, Monese, TransferWise and Curve. Please choose and check all options on the Payment details page.

Skydive Croatia
Book your Tandem Skydive today! Gift Vouchers!

Make your tandem skydive booking online fast and simple

Our website allows you to make your tandem skydive online booking fast and simple by filing out the online form but also to purchase gift vouchers online in two easy steps.

A Skydiving company that offers jumps from 4,000

Value for money

A Skydiving company that offers jumps from 4,000 meters every week of the year.

Several skydive locations

Several jump locations

Several skydive locations in Croatia and Slovenia, to choose from.

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Order gift voucher online, quickly and easily, in just a two steps.

Available at any time of day

Available at any time of day

We make every effort to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

Perfect choice for teambuilding

Perfect choice for teambuilding

Bring your team to the skydiving and create a special and firm bond

Free transportation & Pickup

Free transportation & Pickup

For our clients, we are able to provide free transportation & Pickup.

Market-leading cameras

Market-leading cameras

We regularly invest in new video equipment because we want you to have the best quality.

Tandem video editing

Tandem video editing

Upload videos on social networks and sgare it with family and loved ones.

Skydive Croatia is open year-round

To make possible for you to make your first Tandem Skydive when you want it, Skydive Croatia is open year-round. If weather conditions allow, we can provide our services even during the winter

4000 4000 meters altitude
12 months in the Year
Skydive Croatia – the most experienced and friendly skydiving team in Croatia

Skydive Croatia is a modern organization that gathers a team of highly experienced skydiving instructors who have been part of many world famous Skydiving clubs, companies, dropzones and Skydiving Brands. They utilize all of their combined experience and collected knowledge to allow you to get the most out of your first Skydive.

In addition to a good time and unforgettable experience on your first skydive, we focus on safety, which is why we specifically select skydiving instructors according to their skills, experience, license portfolio and their desire for further skill perfecting. Beside Croatian national licenses and ratings, we are proud that all of our instructors hold current USPA (United States Parachute Association) skydive licenses and ratings in addition to manufacturer licenses and approval to use their skydiving equipment.

Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable skydiving experience and to change your perspective about extreme sports and activities. Skydiving, and the thrill that skydiving instills, has already changed the lives of many individuals and, in that spirit, we encourage you to embrace an entirely new life challenge.

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