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Skydive Croatia Affiliate Program

The Skydive Croatia affiliate program is designed for web site owners, blog owners and influencers on social media. Post our banners and earn a commission for each client.

Skydive Croatia

In addition to our Promoters and Sales Agents program, Skydive Croatia invites you to participate in an affiliate program that enables you to partner with us by placing our advertising banners on your websites or profiles on social medias and take advantage of an excellent opportunity to earn more.

With a banner that you will place on your web sites or content of your choice, also coming unique URL link that will redirect your visitor to our site. This link holds the parameter which will allow us to track your leads who book and jump with Skydive Croatia. Following the link on the visitor's computer or mobile device, a cookie will be stored for 7 days. In order for a reference to be a valid user must book the Skydive or buy a gift voucher within 7 days from clicking on your link/banner. After every successful sale you will receive payment directly into your bank account. You can also use the commission earned or a discount for your own Tandem Skydive if you decide to go for it or wait until the amount of affiliate marketing earnings is enough to cover the cost of the entire Tandem Skydive experience.

We offer all of our affiliate partners 10% commission on the actual price of a Tandem Skydive, not including the video option.
Example: If the price of the Tandem Skydive is 240,00 €, your commission is 24,00 €.

We will notify you by email in the current week for each jump made by your lead and change of balance on your affiliate account.

To apply for the affiliate program with Skydive Croatia, please fill out the form below. After receiving the information, we will contact you with details for how to place Skydive Croatia banner ads.

NOTE: If user delete or have cookies desabled, we will not be able to determine if the user has been forwarded via your link.

Skydive Croatia Affiliate Program application form

Connect with us

We are inviting you to support us on social media and stay in touch for new promotional offers and opportunities.

Our website allows you to make your tandem booking fast and simple by filing out the online form on following link: tandem skydive booking but also to purchase gift vouchers online in two easy steps: Tandem skydive gift voucher.

We accept several ways of online payments. Beside bank transfer payment, we also accept payments through the following services: Revolut, Monese, TransferWise and Curve. Please choose and check all options on the Payment details page.

Skydive Croatia
Book your Tandem Skydive today! Gift Vouchers!

Make your tandem skydive booking online fast and simple

Our website allows you to make your tandem skydive online booking fast and simple by filing out the online form but also to purchase gift vouchers online in two easy steps.

A Skydiving company that offers jumps from 4,000

Value for money

A Skydiving company that offers jumps from 4,000 meters every week of the year.

Several skydive locations

Several jump locations

Several skydive locations in Croatia and Slovenia, to choose from.

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Order gift voucher online, quickly and easily, in just a two steps.

Available at any time of day

Available at any time of day

We make every effort to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

Perfect choice for teambuilding

Perfect choice for teambuilding

Bring your team to the skydiving and create a special and firm bond

Free transportation & Pickup

Possibility of Pickup service

For our clients, we are able to provide transportation & pickup service.

Market-leading cameras

Market-leading cameras

We regularly invest in new video equipment because we want you to have the best quality.

Tandem video editing

Tandem video editing

Upload videos on social networks and sgare it with family and loved ones.

Skydive Croatia is open year-round

To make possible for you to make your first Tandem Skydive when you want it, Skydive Croatia is open year-round. If weather conditions allow, we can provide our services even during the winter

4000 4000 meters altitude
12 months in the Year
Croatian Language English Language